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    How to choose a shower enclosure?

    Showers Timo

    In our hectic lives is very important to be always in good shape and be able to quickly recover even after a very busy day. Quickly relieve fatigue and relax often helps water treatment. Water stimulates every cell in our body, can effectively "wash" with all the problems is a great stimulator of wellbeing and even mood. Of course, ideally for complete relaxation is best to take a bath. But the rapid pace of modern life makes its own rules.

    That's why lately so showers are growing in popularity. Many of the old-fashioned feel that shower - it's only a shower, tray and closing casement generic form. In fact, today, many models can not simply take a shower and give yourself a little intimate attention, but also transform normal hygiene procedures currently balneotherapy session. Since showers today are mostly multi-function devices, which distinguishes them from regular baths.

    Fresh showers

    But if everything is exactly as you ask, then, how do you find exactly the shower enclosure that fits only you. How do they differ and on what basis is worth to choose them? Let's try to figure it out. To begin, decide how much you are willing to sacrifice for the purchase. Because the price is directly proportional to the shower enclosure depends on the features that you would like to receive, and the material from which it is made, and even on the design of the pallet.

    Most cheap showers, for example, River Neva or Artex ART-A2-99 will allow you to only take a shower, and in some cases they are also equipped with hydromassage. Sash budget booths often made of plexiglass. Those that are more expensive, are made of high quality plastic, their sash glass, and a hydromassage feature has several modes. Showers are multifunctional high price segment. They can be equipped with a steam bath and a kind, and built additional ventilation system, and even the radio with your phone and be controlled by an electronic system.

    Showers Golf

    Choosing a shower cubicle, it is also important to consider the features and nature of communications, as well as the size of the room. This will determine what design you'd better buy. Initially, determine where it will stand your shower. If she does not have a clearly defined space, you can purchase a fixed booth, that is, closed on all sides. If the room is small and close, and you will place the booth in the corner, it is wiser to buy shower cabin, which has no rear wall, and thus save a little space. But it is important to consider that showers with a maximum range of functions of the upper price segment, as a rule, are only closed.

    By the way, be sure to pay attention to the size of the pallet. He determines the size of the booths. And it is better if it is spacious. Experts say that the ideal "form» - 1,2 × 1,2. If quite a few places, we can limit the size of one meter on. And it is up to the ceiling - 0,8 × 0,8, and nothing less. Because otherwise you can not even turn around in it, and you have to wash, standing "columns", which is very inconvenient. By the way, if your family is not all prefer to take only a shower and soak in the love fragrant bath, then maybe it makes sense to purchase a "two in one" - gidroboks which combines functional and shower cubicle and a comfortable bath.

    Teuco showers

    One important tip. If you decide to buy expensive cheap cabin with a maximum of useful features, such as, Admire 140 × 100 type A Only or Jacuzzi Frame 120 Top, always make sure that you have enough water pressure. Otherwise, they simply will not work and will remain useless "tchotchke." In order to work correctly massage function, the water pressure should be at least 1.5 bar. And, for example, showers firms «Hydro-Box», «Jacuzzi» and «Hoesch» general - at least 2-3 bar. If the water pressure is insufficient you, throw out money for a very expensive thing just does not make sense.

    In short, choosing a shower cubicle, pinpoint - what design suits you best, what features you will use, pay attention to the materials from which the device is manufactured. Only in this case the shower will serve you for a long time, and will truly relax and get the most out of the water a pleasant procedure.


    Shower Timo T-7735
    Timo T-7735

    Shower Serena SE-22015M L
    Serena SE-22015M L

    Shower Niagara NG 1309
    Niagara NG 1309

    Shower River Temza 120/120/55
    River Temza 120/120/55

    Shower Appollo A-0882
    Appollo A-0882

    Shower Aqua Joy AJ-4012 L
    Aqua Joy AJ-4012 L

    Shower Fresh F-9015
    Fresh F-9015

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